Unable to access extension menu in private mode

  • Hey everyone! So as the title says, most of the times, I'm unable to open the drop-down menu of extensions like adblock, and tampermonkey while in private mode... It seems to work when I open normal window, open the menu from there and then open the menu in private mode.... but only once, after that even menu in the normal window doesn't work 😛 It may be memory related, but most of the times I have >500MB RAM free... Am I the only one, or has anyone faced this problem before? If so, please tell me the solution, coz this gets quite annoying sometimes! BTW, I'm using 1.1.453.52 (Stable channel) (64-bit) for windows

  • Moderator

    You're not the first one to report it.

  • Oops, sorry then, but any ETA on the solution?

  • Moderator

    No idea. I'm a civilian volunteer with no inside info. I just read most of the forum posts, and I've seen you concern mentioned more than once. Pretty sure this is a reported bug.

  • okay then, thanks for the info! and keep up the good work 😉


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