Print Dialog - Save as PDF overwrites existing files without warning

  • I use print to file options in every program almost exclusively so I can manage the print files as a print queue with my duplex printing system. I usually name the print files with 2 digit names like 01 .. 99 so they stay in my print queue in the order printed without having to do extra work. Since it's a queue, it can often have many files in it from different sources and I don't always remember what the next available file number/name is and I don't remember what's in each file. So, when I print from Vivaldi and make a mistake with the file name, it can overwrite something I really needed, but have no idea what it was. The current print dialog really helps with this by showing all the files in my queue, but it doesn't stop me from screwing up. TL;DR I think it's a bug that the print dialog doesn't warn me that I'm about to overwrite an existing file. Of course, occasionally, I may actually want to overwrite something I have decided not to print or save, so I just want this to be an "Are you sure?" type of warning, not something which prevents me from doing it at all. I view this more as a bug than a feature request, hence the separate thread.

  • I can't replicate this with my setup. When I try to print to a file and click the Save button, I get a GTK+ "save as" dialog and if I then try to save over an existing file, I get the GTK+ "do you want to replace" dialog.

    But while I tried to replicate this behaviour, I stumbled into another bug: when you try to print the Vivaldi Start Page, you get an empty page. :side:

  • Maybe it's a KDE integration issue. I just printed this page twice to the same file name and it overwrote it. But, then, I tried it again but selected, Print using system dialog and that did warn me about overwriting as desired.

    KDE 4.14.2 on Kubuntu 12.04 with backports - Vivaldi 1.1.453.59 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

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    On my Debian 8x64 with KDE 4.14.2 nothing is overwritten.
    The Save file dialog pops up and lets change the filename.

  • OK. I'll ignore it until I finally get my distro upgraded. It's overdue.

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