Tab enhancements/fixes

  • I have several pinned tabs on the left side. Whenever I open a new tab from a link in one of those pinned tabs, the new tab opens to the far right of the tabs (at the end). I would prefer that the new tab opens just to the right of the set of pinned tabs. I suggest that the "close tab" cross appears when you hover over a tab, not just when the tab's selected. This enables a number of tabs to be quickly closed without opening and loading each one. The setting "New Tab position" is set to "Next to Tab". When I'm in a tab and press ctrl-T to open a new tab, the tab is opened at the end of the tabs and not next to the open one. Vivaldi 1.1.453.59

  • Yes, I have a similar problem with the new tab position. For me, I have "next to active" set, or whatever you call the behavior to have a new tab open next to current tab. And when I do that, first, it'll show up at the end of the tab bar, and then after a second, move right beside my current tab like it's supposed to. I wish I could figure out how to capture it and show it in this forum, but it's a very annoying problem, and one that makes the browser feel less stable and polished, and I hope gets fixed for 1.2.

    This problem happened quite a while ago, and during and after 1.1 I found it went away, but then it reappeared 1-2 snapshots ago. I would imagine this might have the same issue in the code as it does for you, even though it produces a slightly different result than yours.


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