Print Preview Hangs when Simplify page is selected

  • Vivaldi 1.1.453.59 (Stable channel) (64-bit) Kubuntu 12.04 with lots of backports i3 2.4GHz M370 processor When I start to print, Simplify Page is not selected and it takes somewhat over a minute to render []this[/url] page (about 44 pages). If I select Simplify Page, it goes for at least 6 minutes before I Cancel it. I was just trying to see what Simplify Page would do. For comparison, I loaded the same page in the current Firefox. It takes awhile to load, but not more than Vivaldi. I then used the Print Friendly add-on to simplify it. This took around a minute. (It did eliminate all the comments and everything after the main article.) This was just to show that there's nothing pathologically wrong with the web page itself. I tried the same thing, Simplify Page, on another page at the same website and had the same problems.

  • I've had similar issues with Google Chrome. It's a broken Chromium feature I believe.

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