Will intelligent cookie management be implemented?

  • I'm hoping Vivaldi will add the same management we had under Opera v12. My preferred management was to block all cookies then set site exceptions. This means despite years of web browsing, I only ever had maybe two dozen cookies and they were all pertinent to logging in to vital sites. The current options of only blocking third party cookies is insufficient for privacy concerns.

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    You can set cookies to deny all or thrid party by opening internal settings vivaldi://chrome/settings/content
    and the add cookies exceptions by domain

    Works in 1.2 Snapshot

  • Blocking cookies outright breaks too many websites.

    I've been happy with the way the Vanilla Cookies extension works.
    Instead of letting thousands (!!) of cookies collect, it leaves them there for a (user settable) while and then deletes the ones not white listed.

  • I really wish for an interface that would both show the existing cookies AND allow making exceptions based on them. Google breaks those functions in the Chromium interface into two different dialogs, presumably to make creating exceptions tedious while still being able to assert supporting them, to appease privacy-minded people. Those two dialogs, of course, can't be open at the same time. The same was true for Firefox until they did away with the feature altogether, claiming it was too much work to maintain such a small thing amidst their work reimplementing a whole rendering engine and application framework in a new systems programming language they are creating from scratch etc… There are simple extensions for it, so why can't there be a decent interface to handle cookies in the browser itself? Well, advertisers depend on persistent cookies and browser makers get their money from advertisers, you know the deal.

  • By the way, anyone who suggests using the "block third party cookies" setting most likely doesn't use it themselves. Several sites don't work with it correctly, Google's sites that require an account among them. Gee, I wonder why!

  • Thanks, Gwen-Dragon. This looks like it's working.


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