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  • When I try to update Vivaldi (Help -> Check For Updates...), it downloads the new version, but when I click install I get the message: [quote]The installer failed to uncompress archive. Please download Vivaldi again[/quote] I've been keeping it up to date by downloading the newest version myself, extracting it with 7-zip, and manually copying the files. I love Vivaldi, but this is becoming to tedious to keep up and a security risk from out of date versions. Does anyone know a way I can fix auto update? OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Processor: Intel Core i7 930 Vivaldi Installation type: Standalone Vivaldi is installed in a non-default location. (Outside of Program Files) Thanks.

  • Surely is a permission problem. Fix them or launch vivaldi as administrator when you have to update it.

  • Thanks. I'll try that when the next update comes out. :cheer:

  • So I ran Vivaldi as administrator to apply the new 1.2 update. I get the same issue. I also downloaded the installer and tried to run that as administrator, but same thing. I had to do the upgrade by extracting the installer as a zip and manually copying the files again.

    Does anyone have any other ideas why the upgrades won't work for me?

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    Hard to say. I had an old laptop with Win7 Ultimate SP1 on it, and the OS just went bad. It began to reject, first, MS updates, and then gradually over time refused to update or install more and more programs, until I replaced it with Win10 (couldn't put 8 on it. The machine was "not Win8 compatible") and Win10 has been working perfectly ever since. I tried like crazy to debug/repair the system without brain-wiping it, but no go. It was either reload Win7 from scratch or update to 10. I did the latter.

  • Could be, but I think this is unlikely for a few reasons.

    1. All other software works perfect on my machine, including auto updates for Chrome, Firefox, VLC, misc games, and a lot of other stuff.

    2. This has never worked correctly for me. I've gotten the same error from the early preview releases.

    3. Other people are getting this exact same error. See comments on these posts:

    Maybe there is some other piece of software that conflicts with the installer? I wish this would be accepted as a bug. I love Vivaldi enough that I'm tempted to write my own 7-zip based update installer to work around this. :lol:

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    All of the instances you cited were solved by fixing a bad checksum or by re-downloading or simply trying again, but for two. And on those two, we don't know what happened because they never responded again after someone offered a solution or asked a question.

    The one commonality I noticed between your problem and one of the others with the "failed to uncompress" issue is that the browser was installed standalone. Unfortunately, that's one of the users that dropped from sight without telling us what happened to his issue.

    In over eighteen thousand bug reports, I see five instances of your problem. Two of them were traced back to either real or false system feedback of inadequate disk space to install or failure of the installer to check for adequate disk space. Two more were back-burnered for failure of the developers to be able to replicate the problem. The fifth was a Windows XP problem.

    The only thing I can suggest at this point, given that over a million copies of the software are installed and updating without an issue, is for you to try the normal install location, try the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the browser (whichever you are not using), try installing for current user or all users, whichever you are not doing, install the regular, not standalone version, or in any other way you can think of, do something DIFFERENT from what has not been working.


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