Opening a page in another browser (how to or possible feature request)

  • I'm assuming that what I'm talking about is non-platform specific. If it's Mac only then please pardon the misfiling. (Mac) Safari has a Develop menu that includes, as its first item: "Open Page With". The "Open Page With" is a submenu that itself contains a list of applications (installed on the system) that can accept a URL. This feature is convenient when, for whatever reason, Safari can't handle a web page. It makes it very easy to try the page in other browsers. I just opened a page in Vivaldi which contained a video that claimed it couldn't run in Vivaldi. It did run when the URL was copy/pasted into Safari. Is there a way to do an "open page with ..." from Vivaldi? If so, how? If not then consider this a request to have such a feature (it doesn't even have to be as "smart" as the Safari version, i.e., the list of applications could be shorter and/or "hard wired"). Regards, Gary Nunes P.S. FYI, here's a web page that has a video that won't play in Vivaldi (1.0.435.48 () (64-bit)) but will play in Safari (Version 6.2.8 (8537.

  • I would like to see this too.

    In Opera, I already have five browsers on my page context menu to deal with problem pages. My heavily customised menu contains lines like this:

    Item, "Open in Vivaldi"="Execute program, "O:\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe", "%u",,"Vivaldi""


    However, I read somewhere that Chrome has a problem with launching executables for security reasons. I hope I am wrong, or that the developers can find a way around it, because I rely heavily on launching other applications from Opera, and would like to do the same in Vivaldi one day with "Execute program" commands.


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