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  • Dear Vivaldi Team I installed your browser on 27th Jan. 2015, the day I came to know about your browser. Before this I was using Firefox, Chrome & Opera. Undoubtedly your this browser has amazing speed, but I feel some difficulties enumerated as under:- [li][ol] [li]- Unable to locate help menu[/li] [li]- Unable to adjust appearance ( color choice )[/li] [li]- Unable to increase/decrease font size[/li] [li]- Unable to install add-on[/li] [li]- Your default color scheme is very un-impresaive.[/li] [li]- Is it available on Ubuntu 14.10?[/li] [li]Does it adopts inscript-key-bord typing?[/li][/li] Awaiting for your prompt response. mfskanpur


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