Mountain Lion / 10.8.5 support

  • I've been using Vivaldi on my Linux machines for some time and am really happy with it - after dealing with some of the maddening design decisions of new-Opera and the general clunkiness of Firefox it was like a breath of fresh air when it went stable! I finally went to replace Opera 37 on my Macbook but to my dismay found that only version 1.0x would run and support was ending for Mountain Lion starting with 1.1. SUPER disappointing to say the least. I'm using 1.0.435.48 right now, and it's great, but I don't want to be locked into an old browser watching support for it slowly dwindle & break on everything over time, like what happened with Opera 12. I bought this laptop new in 2013 and it came with 10.8, so it's barely more than 3 years old. I don't want to update because you can't get Mavericks anymore and I use software on this laptop that is known to break on 10.10/10.11. Is it really too much trouble to keep supporting one of the better recent incarnations of MacOSX for a little while longer? I can't imagine there'd be that much additional development needed - I've downloaded open-source stuff made for 10.9 and changed the target and it compiled for 10.8 with no modifications at all. (Granted I have NO idea how Vivaldi is built!) Firefox & Opera still run on 10.6.x for comparison (and you can even still get fresh builds of Leopard-Webkit for 10.5/PPC)... IMHO with a new browser like this you'd want to spread your user base as widely as possible early on. Seems like cutting out support for a 3-year-old platform is probably going to make a lot of people look elsewhere. 😞

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    Sorry - Vivaldi did not drop that support. Chromium did.

    And Vivaldi does not have the manpower to retrofit their browser to unsupported OS'es. XP and Vista also lost support, so if you are going to retrofit your browser to one unsupported platform, then certainly other platforms deserve it as well, and the team simply isn't big enough to do it all.

    I think you're going to find that when Opera releases their first stable on top of Chromium 51, that they drop support as well.

  • This bit me as well. I was running it from Dropbox, and had machines running 10.8 and 10.9. I think the 1.1 release came out when I was on one of the 10.9 machines. Not realizing that 10.8 support had disappeared, I went ahead and upgraded Vivaldi. No problem until I went back to a 10.8 system, at which point I went to download the 1.0 version and couldn't find it. Thankfully I'm a bit of a packrat and found that I still had one of the earlier 1.0 downloads in my downloads folder.

    Can we at least get a download link for the last 1.0.x version, similar to the one that is there for XP/Vista?


  • Regardless of whether the devs decide to add a download link for 1.0 Mac or not, it is pretty risky to run an outdated web browser that does not contain the most recent security fixes. Plus, Vivaldi 1.3 is so much improved over 1.0 that running 1.0 really gives you a wrong impression of Vivaldi if you are not familiar with the newer versions.

    If I remember correctly, Apple stopped releasing security updates for 10.8 some time ago (and will probably do the same with 10.9 soon), so even if your browser was current in terms of security updates, running an unsupported OS would not be a great idea either.

    So if there is any way you can update your machines, I would seriously consider it.


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