Snapshot 1.2.490.27 - Closing in on a 1.2 stable release

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    [quote=ruario] The focus this week has been on fixing up issues that broke since 1.1, as a 1.2 stable release should be just around the corner. Let us know if we are as close as we think we are, or if there is something your are missing. For this snapshot, we mainly want to know about anything that broke since 1.1. So if you know of something, then tell us below. New features and other fun stuff will come with 1.3, the first snapshot of which should arrive shortly after 1.2 goes stable.[/quote] [b][i]Changelog[/b][/i] [li][Regression] Tabs resize too soon on closing (VB-17379) [li][Regression] Impossible to navigate to a insecure site from a Speed Dial tab (VB-17841) [li][Regression] Missing bookmarks on panel after sorting by address (VB-17940) [li][Regression] Up and Down arrow keys can also move panel item selection (VB-17925) [li][Regression] A ghost bookmark is added to tree when you leave the bookmark editor before completion (VB-17423) [li][Regression] JavaScript dialogs do not have keyboard focus (VB-17288) [li][Regression] Tiling button is not updated when tab stack looses focus (VB-17534) [li][Regression] Shows the wrong title going back to Start page (VB-17898) [li][Regression] [Windows] Middle click broken on bookmark folders (VB-17894) [li][Windows] Standalone install overwrites some values of default Vivaldi in registry (VB-12600) [li][Linux] Hibernate tab selection should be hidden from menus: since it is not yet working on Linux (VB-17820) [li]Can't search via paste and go context menu (VB-17626) [li][b]Upgrade Chromium to 51.0.2704.65[/b]


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