Some "key suggestions" (IMO) for a better Vivaldi UI/UX

  • Dear Vivaldi team, First of all, thanks for creating this awesome browser. It really rocks, it's so much better than Chrome/Chromium. These are things I'd really to see in future Vivaldi releases, based on my experience with other browsers: 1. IE-like "Send page to Desktop as shortcut" feature. I find that really useful. 2. Support for Firefox extensions (.XPI). (Is that even possible?) 3. More alternatives to a gorgeous start page, such as old Safari's 3D-ish Top Sites or Edge's search bar + faves + news. 4. A "Reading Mode" button, like in Mobile IE and Safari. 5. An option to choose Text Encoding, embedded in a menu or submenu somewhere (not just buried under settings). 6. A rich gorgeous start page, with a search bar -- I like Edge's (though I deactivated the news section). 7. Firefox's animation of the Downloads' arrow icon when done. 8. Mozilla Firefox's option to add and edit the browser's buttons and commands next to the address/search bar (in Chrome, you only have extensions and Settings). 9. Old Safari's "Cover Flow" History navigation, with website "previews" (large thumbnails). 10. Integration with Google Safe Browsing (this is already there, good) and Microsoft's SmartScreen (if possible). 11. Support for ALL kinds of web page shortcuts and filetypes beyond just .HTML across all OSes: .WEBLOC, .DESKTOP, .WEBARCHIVE, .MHTML, .MAFF, etc. 12. A click-to-run switch option should be available for Adobe Flash and other such plugins (Shockwave, Silverlight, etc.); also, these should be sandboxed like in Chrome-based Comodo Dragon). 13. Opera Turbo would be a very addition; Chrome-based Yandex.Browser already did it. (Also, I remember Google once offered some Google Web Accelerator for IE). 14. Integration with CCleaner and other similar cleaning/maintenance software. 15. Built-in online translation feature (maybe use either Google, Bing or/and Yandex Translators). 16. Built-in torrent downloading capabilities (like in Opera and Chrome-based Citrio, Torch, Baidu, etc.) Thank you!

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    1. Could happen.
    2. No. Even firefox is dropping it.
    3. More options will appear. Visual features will be in future skins, not in the basic browser package.
    4. Likely to happen. A "readability" page action is already being ironed out.
    5. ?? Could happen.
    6. More options will appear. Visual features will be in future skins, not in the basic browser package.
    7. Could happen.
    8. Certain to be available down the road.
    9. Who knows?
    11. Likely
    12. Certain to become available
    13. Less likely, but not impossible. This is a huge server infrastructure, not a browser feature.
    14. Unlikely
    15. Likely
    16. Hard to say. This would be a low-priority feature, given the wealth of extensions available to handle such things, and there are probably a good couple of years of features to add and bugs to fix before looking at this.

  • 6 since a couple of months you can use any alternate start pages. Chrome's store is plenty of them

  • 14. You need to ask this to Piriform.
    15. Only if it allow to select the translation service.


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