Selectively block cookies - how?

  • The title says it all really but how can I block cookies from a particular website? I do it in other browsers but I can't see how in Vivaldi.

  • Moderator

    Try going to the site, clicking on the icon at the far left end of the address bar, and doing it from there. If that doesn't actually block or allow the cookies you want, check back and I will suggest something else.

  • Thanks. I have done that. I'll report back if it doesn't work.

  • I use this.
    On its settings enable 2nd a 3rd checkbox. Uncheck others.
    Whitelist anything you want to keep or you'll lose them!.
    In Vivaldi content settings, in cookies page, use the second radio button.
    Only cookies you set in whitelist will be keep.
    Then you can whitelist from urlbar without opening app settings.

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