Shortcuts in Vivaldi on Mac not working

  • Hi everybody, My shortcuts are not working in Vivaldi (Mac). Is there anybody else who also experiences this issue. Is there anything I can do to solve this? Many thanks in advance! Best, Daniel

  • Do you mean keyboard shortcuts? Can you give a few examples of the ones that are not working on your Mac? (e.g., ⌘T for new tab, ⌘⇧W for close window, etc.)

  • You are right. Keyboard shortcuts. I tried the following:

    • ⌘T for new tab
    • ⌘E to open quick commands
    • ⌘W to close tab
    • and some I can't remember.

    But finally all available keyboard shortcuts are not working. When I go to "File" or "Tools" and pick some shortcuts none are working. Any idea what's the reason?


  • Wow, that sounds strange. Here are some ideas to try to narrow down what the issue is.

    First, let's test if only shortcuts involving the Command key are affected:

    • Go to Vivaldi Preferences->Keyboard and set ⌥1 as the shortcut for "Task Manager" (you can remove it after this test)
    • Does Alt-1 now open the Task Manager?

    If it doesn't, close all windows/tabs except for one window with the start page in a single tab – does the ⌥1 shortcut work now?

    If you have browser extensions (Tools->Extensions) installed, you try deactivating them to see if that makes a difference. Same with plugins (Tools->Plugins) other than "Chromium PDF Viewer" and "Widevine Content Decryption Module".

  • Oh so sorry. :oops: As usual the problem is in front of the computer. I just skimmed the settings and misunderstood sth. In Vivaldi/Preferences/Keyboard it says "Disable all keyboard shortcuts" and "Disable single keyboard shortcuts". I read "Enable keyboard shortcuts" and "Disable keyboard shortcuts". So by accident I disabled all shortcuts. Sorry for wasting your time. But thanks for your support. Have a nice weekend.


  • Heh, that makes so much more sense than the complicated scenarios I drew up in my head to explain why your keyboard shortcuts were not working.

    Anyway, thanks for clearing things up. Maybe someone else has the same problem in the future and now we are better prepared for that day. 🙂


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