1.0.435.46 starts in fullscreen, keys or mouse do nothing.

  • Hi all. This is my first post so I'll introduce myself promptly. I've been Opera user since version 7.xx. I also had been using Opera at work as my e-mail client for 6 years and loved it. Unfortunately it got broken somewhere around version 11. Too bad because I think there hasn't been a better email client ever since. I'd be glad to share my experiences with it as I really hope vivaldi email client will step up to task. anyway, I've come here for help. I know I use an old version but I use it on XP and AFAIK this is the latest version supported. I got a bug that makes my browser start in full screen displaying first tab. Keyboard commands do nothing, can't display mouse context menu either. I'd be happy to reinstall but I REALLY need to know tabs that are open / were open in the last session. They probably still load when I run vivaldi now because I can see processes in windows task manager. I've been in the middle of some serious googling and looking for solutions for a problem with my car and I'm afraid a day's work will go to waste if I won't recover the info on tabs open. Any help appreciated.

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    My guess is that it's one of those tabs that is breaking Vivaldi for you. The insistence on not replacing that session with a new one may be your downfall here.

    That said, your version is not the LAST XP-compatible version. The first snapshot of the 1.1 snapshot line is, and that's 1.1.443.3

  • Try to delete lastab, last session, current tab and current session from your user profile.

    You'll lose the opened tabs, but the history should be still there

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