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  • Old school Opera fan here.. thanks for bringing us vivladi ! My feature request is simple.. I'd like to be able to pin stacked tabs!

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    Wouldn't you rather be able to stack pinned tabs? 😉

    I use this in Opera 12.17 just because stacked tabs do not collapse, thus leaving the Title visible. The stack can be collapsed to a single tab so it does not take up much space.

  • Exactly that, so I can have two gmail inboxes open in the same small pin

  • Hi & welcome themoose. My info is entirely unhelpful for you in the here & now, but offered simply to give you a historical context, & a possible hope for the future. I'm one of those many enthusiasts here who have used V since its very early public release days in early 2015-Q1. There was a longish period in V's early days, when we could [& i actively did] stack Pinned Tabs. It has never been available to us however to pin Stacked Tabs. Obviously though with either one of those functions available, we could [albeit inefficiently] achieve our objective. I & many others were disconsolate when [quite a long time ago now, sadly] a chromium update broke that available capability. Fingers crossed we get them both, sooner or later.

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    Note: One of my laptops still has stacked pinned tabs which have survived numerous updates since the time when it was possible. They are still pinned, still stacked, and the machine is on Vivaldi Version 1.2.490.3!

  • Yes, one of my puters also managed to valiantly hang onto its pre-existing stacked pinned tabs for long after the capability had "broken", ie, once i could no longer do ditto for any new tabs. I was tickled by that too, but unfortunately one of my many crashes late last year [due to that annoying pdf-tab bug – remember -- that would annihilate ALL tabs upon start] put paid to that little legacy benefit. Sigh. The snail up a well wall metaphor remains apt for new software…

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    I totally understand! I lost my tabs to a crash some five or six versions after the pin/stack regression, rolled back to the last version that could do it, restored my pinned+stacked tabs, and then updated. I have been updating ever since and managed to have no more crashes.

  • Oh Ayespy, that - is - GENIUS! Hand palm, meet forehead. Now repeat.

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, tellme tellme tellme, what is that SS version#? I wanna do that right now. What a cool idea!

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    I can't be 100% sure, but I think the last version that would do it was

  • Ta, but nah, that one doesn't do it. I might try one or two others from before that, but if i still don't find it i'll give up.

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    If that one doesn't do it, it's at MOST one or two versions earlier.

  • Oh yesssssssssssssssssss, tis


    Am not out of the woods yet though; that pic is only from applied to one of my VMs & a clean profile, so now for all the fun [yet again] of needing to rebuild my Default with all my other stuff, then re-upgrade back to current SS, verify that it all still works… & only then do it all again in my main OS with my "real" V. Who needs A Life when there's software?

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  • How sweet it is!!!!!


    1. Latest SS
    2. My preferred Pinned Stacked Tabs are back [but, natch, i can't do any [i]more of them without having to repeat this circuitous technique… til the Devs give us the function natively].
    3. Saving Bookmarks via Address Bar icon works again/still.
    4. Settings - Bookmarks & - Display All work fine again/still.
    5. V is fast, again/still.
    6. Passwords & Extensions survived! [coz i did all my shenanigans in a VM copy of my V (based on copying my "real" Default into there), then later copied my processed Default back into my main Mint OS from VM. Expected Extensions to survive, but Passwords was a bonus].
    7. Bookmarks Panel scrolling is broken again/still [ie, bounces back to top once reach ~1/2way down].
    8. Speed Dial has lost all thumbnails again [despite copying Top Sites], so now i need to initiate the F5 updates again & await the hours it'll take.

    Note that #3 & #4 were broken again initially, after applying this technique, but repeating my recently discovered trick of copying the Bookmarks file to Slimjet, exporting it as HTML, importing that HTML back into V, fixed both those faults, again. Am sad about #7, but otherwise, this is a big fat YAAAAAY.


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