Vivaldi freezing on youtube

  • I've just installed Vivaldi 1.1.453.59 (stable) on my AMD 64 Linux system (Debian 8.4). Testing it I find that Vivaldi will screen freeze when moving to full-screen on youtube. Audio continues to function but, while the cursor moves as directed, there's no control of Vivaldi (xkill is the only way to end its processes). The x-windows of other processes also loose some functionality until I kill Vivaldi. Here is [url=]a screenshot[/url] of my "vivaldi://about/" page. While I'm here I'll say that I don't understand why the 'about' page would say that flash is inactive. Any ideas on how to overcome this freeze problem? TIA, An hour or two later... I've been using Slimjet, a Chrome derivative, for several months now without a problem. Tonight I installed Vivaldi and ran into problems related to video display noted above. I later found that Slimjet was also now exhibiting the same problem (Opera 12.15 did not exhibit this problem). Looking into this I found, amongst other things, that a DRM extension in Vivaldi (, but not in Slimjet, was possibly causing the problem but I could not verify that extension caused the problem, nor could I resolve the problem; I decided to restore my entire system to its latest backup (5 days old). My system hung in the shutdown process. My system's don't hang. I decided to re-boot and see if the problem still existed - It didn't; full-screen video functionality returned in Slimjet and correctly functioned in Vivaldi. I conclude that some process triggered by the install of Vivaldi not only created the full-screen problem but also caused a Linux system to hang on shutdown. The one thing I did that may have corrected this is that I renamed the DRM plugin (doubtless Wide Vine) /ope/vivaldi/ to /opt/vivaldi/ - interestingly enough /opt/vivaldi/ no longer appears in chrome://plugins. I cannot say for sure that that DRM module caused the problem (as closer investigation would be necessary to do so) but it certainly is coincidental that after disabling that module Vivaldi and Slimjet both function correctly after reboot. Edit: 05/28/16, New information. The problem has returned - going full-screen on youtube freezes Vivaldi and Slimjet (both derivatives of Chromium). It looks like its a bug somewhere in Chromium. [url=]Here[/url] is a post that reports the issue for Ubuntu, and recommends a solution and [url=]here[/url] is the Chromium Bug Report with the same recommended fix - Oddly enough that report was opened Nov 1, 2015 and, it seems, its still open.


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