Some feedback from a random guy.

  • Hey guys, devs or anything else :cheer: First, sorry for my bad english, i'm Le baguette. Just installed Vivaldi this afternoon, now it's like night, and i passed the day using this new web browser. So i just want to give my feedback on things : - I honestly use a lot of extensions on Chrome actually, i know it will be better in the future, but hey feedback tho. I got some trouble to install some of them, 90% of time it was just Vivaldi's crash. I tried different way to do it and well, i got Adblock and Better TTV (for Twitch) so it's cool atm. Have to type "vivaldi://extensions" in the url bar to see the extension menu btw. (I saw some good things about extension on shortcut) - The live refresh of the Tabs. So, i usually use Twitter (yes, without Tweetdeck, believe it or not!) or Facebook. There's a little number on the Tabs when you have some notifications or new tweets on your Timeline. And actually they doesn't work "in real time" as we can see on Chrome or others, you have to click on the tab, then they show up, and after click away for make them disappear. Like a "live check" of them. - No options for open a list of websites at the launch of Vivaldi. - Same for changing the background of the new tabs, speed dial page. - When i close then launch the browser, my accounts, like social media, are not connected like they were 10 seconds before. - I got a lot of random big loading on some pages.. Guess it's normal atm At least, there's a lot of little things to improved, i won't list them all cause it's like "my preferences" for a lot of them, but hey, it's a good beginning and i actually switch Vivaldi as my main browser. I know a lot of work will be done in the near future so, keep up the good mood and let's make this huge with community's back up. See you, and thanks for all. [b][i]PS : I probably said some sh*t over there, like doesn't find an option already existed or things like that. So, sorry in advance btw. [/i][/b]


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