Problemas com a realização de downloads em algumas páginas.

  • Olá Equipe Vivaldi Navegador excelente! Rápido e intuitivo...........tudo de bom. Porém, estou tendo probleminhas com a realização de alguns downloads na seguinte página no link abaixo: O Download efetuado nesta pagina, com este navegador, parece que não reconhece o link e, efetua o download da imagem PHP e não do dispositivo a ser baixado conforme imagem a seguir. [attachment=3656]Semtítulo.jpg[/attachment] Informo que utilizo Windows 10 Pro 64 bits, HD 1 tera, 8 Giga de memoria. Desde já agradeço pela atenção Attachments: [img]ítulo.jpg[/img]

  • There is a Portuguese forum if you want to use your own language.

    If you post here, please use English, or provide a translation.

    Hello Team Vivaldi excellent browser! Fast and intuitive …........ all good. However, I'm having minor problems with doing some downloads on the next page the link below: Download The made on this page, with this browser, it seems that does not recognize the link and download the effects PHP image and not the device to be downloaded as following image.

    I can confirm the issue. The download links work OK in Opera 12.17, but not in Vivaldi.

  • Thank you! It is to send this post to the page in Portuguese or'll need to post again?

  • You can try reporting your post to the moderator and see if someone will move it, but it would be quicker to repost in the Portuguese forum.

    I tried reporting it, but I get an error message.

    Invalid address: Pesala

  • If you want to delete this post, feel free, because I efetuei new post in págna in Portuguese.

    Thank you!

  • I am not a moderator.

    In this forum, you can edit your posts at any time, so you could remove the content yourself, if you wish, and rename the thread to "Duplicate" or "Please Delete."

    It does no harm to leave it — someone might have an answer, and more people will see it here.

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