Vivaldi starts with tab spacing

  • Hi, Despite having the 'Remove tab spacing in maximized windows' enabled in the settings, whenever I start Vivaldi, it starts with tab spacing. When I alt-tab to another program, then back to Vivaldi, the tab-spacing is gone and Vivaldi behaves like it should. This has been occurring since a few snapshots ago, both on the stable 1.1 release and on the recent snapshots. Anyone know what's going on? Mageia 5 64-bit (and 64-bit Vivaldi) with KDE.

  • I can't replicate this. It may be a bug in your window manager or a compatibility issue between the window manager and Vivaldi. Then again, I also use KDE and KDE Plasma 5 has been very buggy until recently.

  • I've noticed this on Mint 17.2 64-bit Cinnamon.


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