If you have set vivaldi to scale websites images don't properly show in fullscreen

  • A bit strange title so let me explain. I use 1080p monitor so I don't have much vertical space. To combat that issue I'm using 90% scaling in vivaldi. This means by default vivaldi displays websites at 90% zoom. Vivaldi also has a feature that allows you to zoom in and out of big images by clicking the image. Click it once and the image shows in original size which is bigger than your screen so you need to move around to see all of it. Or you can click the image to make it fit to screen size. However the scaling breaks the fullscreen view. An image like this for example: https://i.imgur.com/QET4C80.jpg Before opening that image set your scaling to 90%. Setting it after you have loaded the image won't produce the error. If you have scaling set to 90% (or probably any value that is not 100%) the fullscreen clicking does not scale the image properly. It stays bigger than the screen. If you have scaling at 100% it works correctly.


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