Setting New Tab Position not honoured for tabs opened by gmail

  • I have a ton of tabs in a vertical bar, but whenever I click a link in a gmail message (gmail being the top tab), it opens a new tab at the bottom of the tab list, rather than 'After Active Tab', which is what I have this setting set to. Is that supposed to work for all new tabs? Is there another setting for tabs that are created by links?

  • OK - perhaps tab pinning is important. I have the gmail plus a few other tabs 'pinned', and the New Tab button creates a new tab at the bottom of the list when gmail or anything other than the last pinned tab is active. The behaviour I was wanting is for the new tab to be create immediately following all the pinned tabs, which is what happens when the last pinned tab is active and you click New Tab.

    Hope that makes sense!

  • I can confirm this issue. I'm on the stable channel in linux "1.1.453.59 (Stable channel) (64-bit)"
    Whenever opening tabs from a pinned tab, it opens at the end of my tabs instead of next to my current tabs even though the new tab position is set as 'next to tab'. Only happens with pinned tabs but that is what I use most!


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