Snapshot 1.2.490.3 - Clearer download progress

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    [quote=ruario] Today's snapshot includes a number of key fixes as we stabilize and [b]close in on a 1.2 final release[/b], including some work on touch support. In addition, we made a small tweak to the Downloads panel so that you get a clearer estimation of how quickly things are progressing.[/quote] [b][i]Known issues[/b][/i] [li]Up and Down arrow keys can also move panel item selection [li]Tabs resize too soon on closing [b][i]Changelog[/b][/i] [li][Regression] Caret is often missing when focusing text fields (VB-17416) [li][Regression] Touch events on websites not working (VB-14943) [li][Regression] Reload button is not activated on very fast loading pages (VB-17507) [li][Regression] Search in settings does not always work (VB-17891) [li][Regression] Keyboard shortcuts don't warn you that they are already in use (VB-17804) [li][Regression] Wrong target is picked when navigating floating elements with Spatial Navigation (VB-17774) [li][Mac] Cannot make Facebook video calls (VB-17503) [li]Include remaining time in download panel entry (VB-13720) [li]Clicking 'x' in URL field drop down does not remove typed history item (VB-17881) [li]Unable to open bookmarks without name (VB-14992) [li]Middle click on a bookmark bar folder does not open all the bookmarks inside it (VB-17780) [li]Searching email address via address bar does not work correctly (VB-17789) [li]Trash folder misaligned (VB-17798)


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