Bookmarks and history buttons not working on speed dial page

  • This started happening with the previous build, but not straight away, a couple of days after using it. If I press the bookmarks/history button on the speedial/start page, nothing happens. Also if I press ctrl+b for bookmarks, I just get a blank page. However ctrl+h works fine for history, but the clear private data button does nothing on that page. There are other ways of doing these things, f6 for the bookmarks (panel) and clear data from the drop down menu works just fine, so there are ways around things. Win7, 32bit Absolutely loving the browser though, best by a mile 🙂 (Also the links on the speedial page work intermittently) Thanks

  • Moderator

    Thats is a just discovered bug after Snapshot release, not being mentioned in Known Issues.

  • ok, no problem. Thanks for the info 🙂

  • Everything works great after the latest update, thanks a lot 🙂


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