Buggy settings - My feedback

  • [ul] [li]When i wanted to change some shortcuts it didn't changed after i closed window. By some time i got managed to work i figured it out next and previous tabs don't work properly, it just jumps for one to another.[/li] [li]I can't find history window[/li] [li]Can't chose which buttons i want to use in quick tab. (ie. i don't want to use email thing)[/li] [li]Im not sure how it works with tab selection using cmd and shift. By selecting more tabs with alt and cmd (same function) it's possible only to stack them. All other functions act like its selected only one the tab i right click on. It'd be great that you cloud drag notes into folder i have created. When creating a new contact, you have to delete the text before you can write in. [/li] [/ul]

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