Vivaldi Resize Problem

  • Hello everyone. I am using vivaldi since april 10th. I am okay with it ist completely flexible and a futuristic desing.With all these pros there are few cons. This one is the really annoying one which drives me mad everytime. I play counterstrike global offansive with 1024768 Streched fullscreen in my Msi ge60 Notebook.My screen is actually 19201080 native but i must play csgo that way. The problem is when i trade something on steam or checking steamoffers on Vivaldi I use alt +Tab key to access vivaldi this is where the problem occurs. Vivaldi goes windowed instead of fullscreen on my desktop. This is happening when i play games with lower resolution. Everytime i alt tab i have to resize vivaldi's window.This is not happening with chrome , firefox and opera. Only Vivaldi does it. I would appreciate if you solve this problem cause this is getting really annoying 🙂

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  • Done it already i am just wondering what causes the problem itself.


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