Bookmark Cloud/Folder Sync

  • I know everybody has asked about implementing sync and i have read that it is a top priority. However my question is [u]not[/u] about syncing [u]through vivaldi[/u] or thirt party servers, as is. I want to sync my bookmarks by dropping my userprofile or just the "bookmark" file (Win10: "%appdata%/local/vivaldi/user data") to my Cloudservice (dropbox/onedrive/...) which is mounted as a harddrive and then by creating a softlink for vivaldi. That works so far, the "bookmark" file is beeing replaced everytime a instance adds/edits/removes a bookmark. The problem is, as soon as i have multiple vivaldi instances opened on different devices, only the instance with the active change recognizes it. That means although the "bookmark" file is beeing replaced on every device, the other vivaldi instances dont check for changes, as long as they are open. That results in a inconsistent overwriting of the "bookmark" file where the changes of other instances arent included. [b]Example:[/b] [u](Initial State - Consistent)[/u] Laptop Bookmarks: a, b PC Bookmarks: a, b Cloud Bookmark-File: a, b [u](Step 1 - Laptop Add Bookmark)[/u] Laptop Bookmarks: a, b, [b]c[/b] PC Bookmarks: a, b Cloud Bookmark-File: a, b, [b]c[/b] [u](Step 2 - PC Add Bookmark - Inconsistent)[/u] Laptop Bookmarks: a, b, [b]c[/b] PC Bookmarks: a, b, [b]d[/b] Cloud Bookmark-File: a, b, [b]d[/b] [u][color=#bb0044](Where is c?)[/color][/u] Possible Solution: Please change vivaldi's behavior: as soon as vivaldi is beeing started, the bookmark icon beeing clicked (right next to the url-textbox) or just the bookmark overview or Quickselect beeing opend (F6/F4), let vivaldi check for updates to the "bookmark" file. I think this would prevent the annoying overwriting by multiple instances. Besides that its a lovely new browser, keep up the great work. Thank you so much.

  • Has this been reported to the developers?

    Greetings from germany.

  • I agree. Most browsers have some sort of mechanism to sync via a browser wide login, like firefox, or chrome. BUT, it doesn't work as well as being able to tell the browser to store the bookmarks in a particular folder in the filesystem, and then detect changes as they come in.

    Surely it would be a lot easier for the developers to make the browser do this, than building a fully fledged sync system based on an account?

    The way I hope vivaldi do it is, they offer us a location to store bookmarks that's in any folder of our choosing, and then if a user goes in to manually add or remove bookmarks in the file system, it should automatically be reflected in the browser.
    That way, if I choose to stick my bookmarks folder in dropbox or bt sync, or box, or icloud, or whatever, then I would get cross-device support for free.

    Please Vivaldi devs, make it happen! I know you want to 😃


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