Search engine "post" function

  • well, happy happy, but, for the search engine, the function "use post" as in opera 12.17 is not avaible... then impossible to get directly result from search engines as in opera... do somebody know if they will upgrade this function to vivaldi... it really missing for all and anything... thank a lot, have a nice day. PS: if someone know how to copy/backup these search engine list, i'll be hhapy of it because i've got three PC and i would like to copy/past them from my laptop to the other one (it just a long list you know :silly: )

  • little up, because, the "post" function in searching is just "important"

  • then, nothing happened in 1.2… i will come back !! and here I am !!

    the function "post" in searching, is just a minimum... it permit to get immediatly the answer to a query just by typing it in the adress bar... it was in opera 12.17... then...

    and the possibility to copy the engine for another vivaldi browser on one another PC or just to do a back up... please..

  • well, no answers… its not siberia here, or sahara... little up, courage!!

  • Have you checked out

    Did you submit a feature request?
    Go to
    Used for BOTH bug reports and Feature Requests.
    You will receive a reply email with the number VB-xxxx

    However, the tracker is only available to Vivaldi and insiders, it is not publicly available. So the only way to know it has been solved is to check each Changelog as it appears.

  • you're not wrong, i should start by looking in the vivaldi Request forum, before all

    so, i'll try, there, to change the world…


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