2 days experience

  • Hi people! This is my experience after two days with Vivaldi. I like this browser, very, very much. I downloaded the portable version (i only use portable softwares) and i started to make the same things i'm used to do with other browers. But... 1. Slow. This version is slow, so slow...is slighty lighter than Firefox (on startup) but every time i open a new page i could go to the kitchen to drink a coffee. 2. Vivaldi is slow, normally. But if i make a mistake writing my username or password, Vivaldi stops for a while. It seems Vivaldi open the book and looks for the right combination. Something like "I can´t find it, you see, username is right but password is not, let me read once more...". So you can go back to the kitchen to eat some cookies too. 3.Yes, Vivaldi is slow. And sometimes doesn't solve login situations. But a correct login may happen...and Vivaldi stops. "Can't connect to the server", so no mail. I try, and try, and try...go to the kitchen for a cup of tea and when i come back everything works. This is a bipolar browser and it's making me nervous (maybe it's coffee and tea together). 4. Hey! I'm already logged in the Community, why should i login again for the mail? It happens sometimes (not always). 5. I access my blog, take a look on the side bar and here's something strange: Facebook and Twitter Followers are ok, but Google doesn't appear. Ok guys, neither I like Google, but i installed the app, it would be nice if working, right? 6. I know, someone said it already: but in Speed Dial it's impossible to put one box in a folder and this is horrible. It really innervates. 7. Why can't I open a new tab in background? Have to pay for it? 8. Ok, this is a Tech Preview: but i hope in the final version there will be something like "Check for an update" for the browser. And please, please, please: try to make possible an update without downloading the new version, thanx. 9. Hey, downloads work...and they aren't slow...it must be a bug... :lol: 10. Ok, let's make it clear: I want to put the buttons on the left top in my order, ok? That's it: Back, Forward, Reload, Stop (there's no Stop here!) and Home. It's a matter of freedom. 11. Flash: 2 sites in Flash at the same time and Vivaldi dies. Then it refuses to resurrect, i had to end manually 7 processes. By the way: almost 400.000 k? And it's growing still... 12. Yes, 400.000 k are not few...but on a warmer start up Vivaldi is faster. :) 13. Opening Vivaldi again, it automatically reloads the pages opened before the crash. Very good. But it would be nice something like "Hey, stupid man, here's your pages again". Just a detail for the final version, of course. 14. Page Action. It's nice. I don't know for what, but i like it. 15. Vivaldi Settings, Passwords Section: 4 passwords for Vivaldi (webmail, en-US, login, registration/Step 1). And I know it's the same password.... Ok, this was my experience after the first two days. I hope it will help somehow. As I said: i like this browser very much, I think there are so many possibilities... Thanks guys for your work! Max

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