Vivaldi doesn't load properly.

  • I was having some issues with the Bookmarking system, and tried to change the order. Bad move, it not only fubared the display, but now the installation is running it's background services but not the browser itself. This is after repeated uninstall/install sequences and even a system restore back to 1.0.435.42 version (Currently at 1.1.453.47). Funny how when i did a restore, it didn't go back to the version loaded at the time, but the one I have now. I took the save for later update option to see if it would work, and the answer remains no. [attachment=3637]processlist.jpg[/attachment] This is the same list with all of the active programs [attachment=3638]processlist2.jpg[/attachment] I really want to like Vivaldi and even started to use it as near primary, but now can't use at all, returning to Google Chrome. Thanks. Attachments: [img][/img],[img][/img]

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    Didn't I already advise you that you might want to refresh your profile? Have you tried that?

  • Not me specifically, but where is it located?
    Did a search in the forum and nothing came up.
    Didn't see a Profile folder in either AppData user space in Windows or in the Program Files (x86)/Vivaldi.

  • Found instructions for Google Chrome and the Default directory. Renamed the old one in user space and then re-launched Vivaldi. It actually opened. These instructions need to be a sticky because this is a reasonably common problem and the solution is the same as Chrome as the engine is Chromium. Thanks.

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    Your menu/help/about page points you to the path to the profile folder.

    It is usually user/appdata/local/user data/default. If you rename that folder, I'm pretty sure Vivaldi will start properly for you. Then you can move your data back into the new, fresh folder.

    In the alternative, you may want to first go to that folder and delete all of the "tab" and "session" files, and see if that results in a recovery for you.

  • Thanks, there was little new bookmarks I couldn't remember. I was afraid to restore old stuff into it because of what it may corrupt anyway. I'm glad this browser has a Chromium foundation, so I was able to indirectly sync between both browsers and be up and running again. Happy Dance Time.

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    Yay! :cheer:

  • Maybe you have problem with proxy?? :dry: You can try use

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