[W10 MSI GS 60 606 Pro i5 5700HQ] Vivaldi Won't Display in Anything Other Than Maximized

  • Good evening! This is a tricky one, and it looks like Vivaldi will only display in maximized view. When I try to view it in any mode smaller than maximized, it disappears completely. It's not going to some other desktop view, it won't appear after minimizing and bringing it back to view. It's just...gone. Hovering displays nothing and it's quite troublesome when I try to multitask. Any help is much appreciated!

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    Are you on a insider preview of Windows 10?

    Have you tried refreshing your profile?

  • Negative, just the regular public stable releases. It doesn't appear to be a plugin issue either, but that could be virtue of my workstation running W7.

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    By "plugin" you mean extension? (they are very different things).
    I recommend you refresh your profile. Something is interfering with the normal functioning of the UI - and it's not a built-in bug in the program.

  • I do mean extension, I always forget which one is which between Firefox and Chrome.

    If you'll pardon my ignorance a second time, how ought I go about refreshing my profile? A Googling and forum search didn't show me anything new.


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    Take a look at Menu/help/about, and the line "Profile Path" tells you where the folder is.

    In Win 10 it's usually users/you/appdata/local/vivaldi/user data/default.

    Re-naming the Default folder will refresh your profile and if that fixes your problem, then you can move all of your vital data from the old Default folder you re-named, into the new one the browser created when you started it up after renaming the old one.

  • That got it! I had actually deleted the contents new Default folder, pasted the entire contents of the original folder in there and the problem was replicated, so it looks like that was right! A quick CTRL+Z with the browser still open retained all my tabs, though.

    Thanks for all your help! Now I know!


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