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  • been using vivaldi for a few months now and all is great, switched from opera since they sold out, found this, dl'd, was happy. except for one thing, one really annoying, very obvious thing that has lingered throughout all the updates. it's so god damn slow. unbelievably slow. it hangs on loading everything. just completely dead, until i refresh about 5 times or close the browser completely and try again. i've freshly reinstalled a couple of times, dl'd old versions, etc, nothing works. i'm running nothing extension wise except ublock origin, which is not taxing at all and it's the same speed without it anyway. my pc runs everything fine. it's the same on my laptop too, but that alone wouldn't be much of a complaint since it's old, but my pc specs are as follows; w7 64bit msi z97 gaming 3 mobo 4690k cpu @4.0 8gb ram @1600 msi 980ti 6gb evga 1000w g2 so pretty good specs, runs EVERYTHING fine, except vivaldi. why? what's the problem? opera wasn't slow at all, no other browser is slow either. my internet is fine at 27mbps dl and 5mbps ul. if it weren't for opera selling out i'd have no reason to keep using this. the UI of both are too good to leave for something like chrome or another chromium browser. they're just not as nice. tldr, good pc, slow vivaldi. been getting patches that do nothing. what's the hold up?

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    My PC is not that new or fast, but I didn't find Vivaldi slow. I am using the latest 32-bit snapshot. There's also a 64-bit version that you can try, but it might be no better. What sort of sites do you usually visit?

    Specs AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gbyte on Win 7 64-bit • Vivalid 1.2.485.14 (Developer Build) (32-bit)

  • i'm on the latest 64bit version. tried the latest snapshot, same thing. i frequent a few sites, including youtube, fb, twitter, etc. nothing special. just normal social media or forums that aren't even filled with unnecessary things, plus i'm not even loading ads, so it shouldn't be this bad.

    even loading plain small images from direct links is slow. hell, even opening the browser itself is slow, speed dial takes forever sometimes. i've also tried clearing history, cookies, cache, etc. tried everything afaik.

    it's a shame, it's such a clean and well thought out browser :c

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    Hm. Slick and pretty, here. No delays or pauses in loading the browser or individual web pages

    Vivaldi 1.2.485.14 (Developer Build) (32-bit)
    Vivaldi 1.1.453.59 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    4.5 year-old tower
    Win 10 X64 on a 7200 RPM HDD
    6-core 3.5 GHz AMD processor
    16 GB RAM
    NV GEForce GT 610 graphics

    Interestingly, it is also slick and pretty on the following five machines:

    (1) Vivaldi 1.2.485.14 (Developer Build) (32-bit)
    3 year-old laptop
    Win 10 x64 on a 7200 RPM HDD
    Intel i7 4700MQ quad core (8 thread) 2.4GHz processor
    8 GB RAM
    NVidia GEForce GT 740M on-board graphics

    (2) Vivaldi 1.2.485.14 (Developer Build) (32-bit)
    5.5 year-old tower
    Win 10 X86 on a 7200 RPM HDD
    dual core 3.4 GHZ AMD processor
    4 GB RAM (3.75 usable)
    Same graphics card as the main tower above

    (3) Tower essentially the twin of the one above, but with a 1/2 generation older
    motherboard and processor, and a 64-bit operating system

    (4) Vivaldi 1.2.485.14 (Developer Build) (32-bit)
    9.5 year-old laptop
    Win 10 X86 on a 250 GB SSD
    Intel Core2 Duo 1.66 GHz
    3 GB RAM
    Mobile Intel 965 on-board graphics

    (5) Vivaldi 1.2.485.14 (Developer Build) (32-bit)
    8-year-old laptop
    Win 10 X86 on a 7200 RPM HDD
    Intel Dual core 2.46 GHz processor
    2 GB RAM
    Same onboard graphics as above

    Long and short - are you using the 32-bit Vivaldi? If not, I would recommend it. Also, have you refreshed your profile? It might be worth a try. Also, do you use any extensions? Some of these can play hob with your speed.


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