Some pages not loading (Blank page)

  • I've been using Vivaldi for a while. I love the browser, but I've got a few small issues with it. My college's sign in page doesn't display the terms and conditions, just a blank page, so to connect to WiFi I need to use another browser. The same is happening for Diaro's website. This occurs after signing in and linking Dropbox, the page to view my entries does not display but works fine in Opera. I don't usually visit forums like this but it seems this bug isn't being picked up, many bugs I've spotted have quickly been resolved but this has been consistent for months. The browser is also very slow to open, taking 10s+ on an SSD while Chrome or Opera only take 1/5 of that at most. Finally, the panel doesn't display icons for some websites correctly. This issue remains after adding the sites again. is an example of a page with an incorrect icon. Screenshot:

  • It's hard to believe this doesn't have more votes, or at least a reply or two. I have this problem, too. I type in a URL and it just sits there doing nothing.

    Did you find any fixes yet?

  • @GeckoBattleship
    Care to share some urls that throw up that kind of error - as the site mentioned in the first post works fine for me?
    And in addition it would be helpful to know :

    1.) What Windows version do you use - and is it 32 or 64bit?
    2.) What Vivaldi version do you use - and is it 32 or 64bit? (you can look this up in the first row at vivaldi://about)
    3.) What extensions do you use?
    4.) What security software do you use? (firewall, antivirus, etc)


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