POLL / VOTE Default search engines!

  • I actually do not mind bing, even if its microsoft I like to see someone stand up to google; however there are many selections to the user now days. I think vivaldi should query the user on first launch for the default engine to use, interested to know what the rest of you think.

  • If Bing pays Vivaldi money to set it as it's default search engine, then let it start out as the default engine. If people don't want Bing, they can just change the default search engine in the settings.

  • Moderator

    I don't need anyone to ask me which search I would like to have as default. I'll pick whatever I want whether anyone asks or not. If options exist in the browser, I will find them and use the ones I like. I don't need to be led around by the nose.

  • My apologies I id not mean to upset anyone

  • Moderator

    No worries. I don't think anyone is upset.

  • Polls usually have multiple choices, do they not?
    Where are the options to vote for duckduckgo, ask and even google?

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