Downloading stops when focus is changed…

  • If I take focus away from Vivaldi during a download, the download stops. I believe it should finish on its own even if it loses focus.

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    That does not happen here in 32-bit Vivaldi on 64-bit Windows.

    What can you tell us about your platform, Vivaldi version number, and any extensions you may have installed?

  • 1.2.485.14 on Windows 10 64 bit. Not sure how to tell if I am running 32 or 64 bit of Vivaldi. What else do you need?

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    The first line in your help/about window will read like "1.2.485.14 (Developer Build) (32-bit)" or will say (64-bit).

    And you've no extensions?

  • Not sure I didn't see that. Developer build 32 bit.

    Roboform is the only extension.

  • The main way to solve such uncommon problems is starting with a clean profile (rename your old one, temporarily) to see if the problem disappears.

    If the problem is fixed just copy the relevant files from the old to the new profile (bookmarks, login data and so on) and reinstall the extensions.

    If the problem is not fixed likely some sw on your PC is interfering, but could be also a Vivaldi bug not yet discovered.

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    I agree. This is a new report and I, with the same setup, don't have the problem.

  • I cannot figure out how to change my profile.

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    You just rename your "Default" folder at user/appdata/local/vivaldi/user data/default. The browser will create a new, clean profile for you and, if that works, you can move your critical data from the renamed folder to the new one.

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