The page isn’t working

  • Hello, I have received this message from every email link I have clicked on for over a week. The links work in Firefox. Thank you for your help.

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    The server at has problems.

  • The server may have problems. But, I have never seen this message in either, IE or Firefox. Nor did I see it in Vivaldi until about a week ago. Now, it happens in every email from PCH in Vivaldi but still works every time in IE and Firefox.

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    I dont know which link you open adn what happens.
    A example, please.

  • OK. I receive about five emails per week from Publishers Clearing House (PCH). Each email has at least one link to a contest entry page. I try to enter each time I receive an email. These entry web pages have many products for sale on them and there are three to four of these pages before you can enter the contest.
    For months, the email links have worked in the Vivaldi browser. Before this, the email links worked in Firefox and, before that, in Internet Explorer. About two weeks ago, every link in every PCH email goes to a new window with the message as stated in the title of this thread.
    The email links still work in Firefox and IE. All other links in all other emails continue to work in Vivaldi.

  • Here is the latest page I received today:

    Service Unavailable - Zero size object

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.
    Reference #15.bf254b8.1464113798.630f1d6

    I immediately opened Firefox and was able to open the link to enter the contest. I have never had something like this happen. Would this be a problem where the PCH site does not want to work with the Vivaldi browser?

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    I cont know who to check because i dont have a account at PCH. The webserver of PCH may not like Vivaldi.

    Try this as Workaround:

    1. Install extension User-Agent Switcher (which mimics other browsers) from
    2. Select the exteion button (a globe) and select Firefox
    3. Try to open the link now


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