Vivaldi is always on top

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    I am a Windows 10 64bits user, I noticed some strange behaviors with my program windows, mainly Vivaldi. Sometimes somes programs stays stuck on "always on top" mode, that way even I clicking on other program the window doesn't come to foreground. Vivaldi is one of the programs which after some minutes it stay on "always on top mode", so to see other programs I have to minimize the Vivaldi. Any know that problem and any soluction?

  • The focus stealing was a bug present months ago, and fixed quickly.

    I suggest you to check your version and download the latest snapshot from

  • For what it's worth, I see the same behaviour on Windows 10 x64 with recent Vivaldi (1.15.1147.64). Changing display settings to system windows makes it go away, but then you're stuck with a Windows title bar on top.


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