Feature request: Preference for mouse middle button-click behavior

  • Note that I'm using Vivaldi 1.0.435.48 () (64-bit) because my (old) Mac is running Mountain Lion (10.8.5). If this feature exists on newer versions of Vivaldi that's nice (though I wouldn't mind if it were back-ported to 1.0). On a web page left-button-clicking on an embedded link typically replaces the existing page with the linked page (as expected). Right-button clicking brings up a context menu (also as expected). This request is about mous-middle button clicking. Middle-button-clicking creates a new tab with the linked page in the tab but the original page (with the link) remains active. Shift-middle-button-clicking creates a new tab with the linked page in the tab and makes the new tab active. Feature request: A preference that allows one to toggle the middle-button-clicking behavior so that one could have the middle-button click activate the new tab and the shifted click remain on the original tab. Or, if there's a way of doing this already then I would be interested in knowing it. Regards, Gary Nunes

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