[Bug^Fixed] Wrong Latest Snapshot Version number information on vivaldi.net

  • Hi, I noticed, that there's wrong version of latest snapshot displayed on site https://vivaldi.net/en-US/. For example current latest snapshot release should be "[b]Download v.1.2.[color=#008800]485[/color].14[/b]". But what is displayed is "[b]Download v.1.2.[color=#ff0000]85[/color].14[/b]". It's not such a big deal, I just read this information from site to detect latest version. Please take a look at it. Thank you in advance. [b]Update[/b] [b][color=#008800]Fixed[/color][/b]: 2016-05-21 => Thank you!

  • Moderator

    Thank for hint.
    I pinged the webdeveloper of Vivaldi.net, they are not at the office now at 20:00 MEST, may be he fixes tomorrow.


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