Click+drag a tab to move to another window or open a new window

  • A nice and convenient feature would be to be able to click and drag a tab. Currently the tab only changes position. It is convenient if the tab is dragged to another Vivaldi window, to be transferred to that window. Also, if a tab it dragged to the desktop, to open a new window with the tab in it.

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    For the moment, one can right-click on a tab and select "Move to…"

    We are told this is a temporary solution until the developers can accomplish the much more difficult and touchy coding for tab drag to new (or another) window.

  • This is a MUST HAVE function for every browser. I'm amazed how they still didn't implement that.

  • Please give the user this tab function, we need it. :whistle:

  • We absolutely need this feature! In version 1.9 on Linux/KDE, when I drag a tab onto a NEW SCREEN I get a new Window but when I drag it onto the desktop of the SAME SCREEN, I am offered to create a link.

    Please, please add a key modifier (ctrl by default or user defined is best) so we can do this easily!

    As a final note, Vivaldi is absolutely amazing but its missing 5-10 features that Chrome or Firefox has and users take for granted that kills the whole User Experience!

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    @anodynos When I drag to desktop on Windows, I get a new window. Same on Linux Mint 18.1. Perhaps something with your desktop manager?

  • @Ayespy I'm a long time user of old Opera and have been back and forth with Vivaldi. Similarly, the bookmarks bar has shortcomings that are just unacceptable and my initial report to Vivaldi regarding the specifics was made over a year ago and still, not even one hint of progress.

    Specifically, bookmarks and folders directly on the bookmarks bar are fine when it comes to using right mouse click for a context menu and using the left mouse button for drag and drop. However, creating folders on the bookmarks bar to arrange all bookmarks is something most people depend on and Vivaldi STILL does not offer the right click context menu or left mouse button for drag and drop options for any bookmarks or folders located within those main folders on the bookmarks bar. Right & Left mouse click are limited to 1 function only. They execute and direct to the url. NO context menu. NO drag and drop. Absolutely unacceptable.

    After a few additional bumps I finally received a reply. I tried to find where the conversation is listed but I did not follow it and searching brought me to this conversation. I think it's a similar shortcoming as it deals with lacking abilities with drag and drop. The context menu options are also a limiting factor & in all honesty, since the reply from Vivaldi did state that the team was quite aware of these concerns and there were plans to implement these functions, something should have been done by now.Power users will frown upon this. And anyone demanding options to increase/simplify productivity, will likely choose a different browser as their daily driver until things like this are addressed. People don't always need feature rich options like those found in Firefox but the basic functionality of right/left mouse clicks for the purposes I am referring, are critical & necessary functions that all browsers, except Vivaldi, have implemented and refined. I know Vivaldi has a team that is creating a great browser with incredible functionality but I humbly believe that these bookmark bar functions should be addressed. It is the deal breaker for alot of people I do computer services for.

    Just sayin

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    @NunYaBiziness The browser is far from finished. They are moving as fast as they can.

  • @NunYaBiziness said in Click+drag a tab to move to another window or open a new window:

    Absolutely unacceptable.

    I find your attitude absolutely unacceptable. There are simple workarounds. Just organise your bookmark folders in the Bookmarks Panel. To call this "critical" or a "deal-breaker" is ridiculous.

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    @Pesala I find it critical, yet not a deal-breaker (clearly, as the browser has been my default for two and a half years). But the bookmarks bar does need to get done.

  • @Ayespy said in Click+drag a tab to move to another window or open a new window:

    I find it critical

    What's stopping your from reorganising your bookmarks in the Bookmarks Panel?

    My PagePlus folder had too many bookmarks to fit even on my 1200 x 1600 portrait monitor.

    • I opened the Bookmarks Panel
    • I created a temporary folder
    • I created some other subfolders
    • I dragged groups of bookmarks to the temporary folder and thence to the subfolders

    Job done. Organising bookmarks in the panel is no more difficult than D&D on the Bookmarks Bar itself. The inverse sorting of moved bookmarks adds one extra step, but it's hardly a critical issue.

    0_1497114298072_Bookmarks Bar Folders.png

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    @Pesala My point is that the bookmarks bar should be fully functional. I obviously have my workarounds and it's not a "deal-breaker" for me, but there should clearly be a context menu for the folders and sub-folders, ability to drag to, from, and within folders and sub-folders, etc. Obviously these things will come, but scarcely a day goes by that some user is slightly baffled by the absence of functionality. To my mind, that makes it critical. I personally don't even think about it any more, until I am reminded - which as I say, is almost daily.

  • @Ayespy Here is a list of JIRA priorities to help you keep a sense of proportion. This lack of a feature, which is not even a bug, is Minor at the worst as there is an easy work-around. If there was no way to organise your bookmarks at all, you could say that it was a Major issue. Critical only applies to crashes, loss of data, or something that brings a program to its knees after a while, requiring a restart.

    Blocker: — Blocks development and/or testing work, production could not run
    Critical: — Crashes, loss of data, severe memory leak
    Major: — Major loss of function
    Minor: — Minor loss of function or other problem where there is an easy work-around
    Trivial: — Cosmetic problem like mispelt words or misaligned text.

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    @Pesala - The Jira list of priorities is a scale for the development community based on "how important is it based on whether the software can accomplish its functions?" My list of priorities (and to a lesser degree that of Jon and the developers, based on our conversations) is based on "how does it affect public adoption and retention of the product?" Based on the first criterion above, "dockable devtools" should still be being back-burnered, as should email, themes, New History, custom speed dial thumbs, etc. But Jira does not dictate Vivaldi's development strategy nearly to the degree that adoption and retention rate do, to say nothing of the founder's vision for the product at the outset - which includes among its traits, "everything possible and multiple ways to do everything."

  • @Ayespy You did not answer my question.

    What's stopping your from reorganising your bookmarks in the Bookmarks Panel?

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    @Pesala Your question was not relevant to my remarks, nor to my life. Nothing prevents me from organizing my bookmarks. You might as well have asked me "Why to you drive on the left-hand side of the road?" I don't. or "What keeps you from lowering your visor when the sun is low in the sky?" Nothing. I did not make a claim of disability, so your question concerning a disability I did not claim did not, in my view, merit attention.

    (Keep in mind, however, that I keep the left panel open to email. Opening it to bookmarks, so that I can fiddle with postitioning, addresses, or names of bookmarks is an inconvenience - thankfully one that I rarely have to experience. More convenient would be to do such functions on/in the bookmarks bar which is always staring me in the face, as in any browser. So nothing "stops" me. Still, it can be, and WILL be, better.)

  • @Ayespy You're just whining about your pet feature not being implemented yet, just like so many others do.

    This is already in the Feature Requests thread. It currently has 4 upvotes, so your claim about it being a barrier to users transitioning to Vivaldi is false. It is an issue that should be fixed when there is time, but it is neither a critical nor major issue except for you and couple of other users.

    @PROF4NE said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Bookmark Toolbar Context Menu

  • @Pesala said in Click+drag a tab to move to another window or open a new window:

    It currently has 4 upvotes, so your claim about it being a barrier to users transitioning to Vivaldi is false.

    I beg to differ, those upvotes only count for those really bothering to spend some time sifting all the requests and voting them, I bet the majority of users don't even care to.
    I for first actually never bothered to read all the requests in those threads to see if I can upvote some could be of my interest, too boring.

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    @Pesala said in Click+drag a tab to move to another window or open a new window:

    You're just whining about your pet feature

    This is an extraordinary way to characterize my communication, and not related to anything I've actually said.

    What I personally would like is relatively unimportant on this score, as I don't possess a strong preference concerning how bookmarks can be organized and edited, so long as I can do it. My view on whether it's important is formed by the numbers of duplicate bug reports complaining about a non-working bookmarks bar (and this is a bug, not a "missing feature"), and the numbers of times I have had to field user complaints concerning the lack of functionality on the bar.

    I have to ask - are you having a bad day? It seems to me that your level respect and courtesy in commenting are normally more evident than today.

  • @Ayespy said in Click+drag a tab to move to another window or open a new window:

    I have to ask - are you having a bad day?

    You're the one having a bad day. I don't want to see efforts diverted to minor feature improvements when there are so many more frequently requested features on the list. Opera 12.17 never even got a context menu on the bookmarks bar after many years of development. Before the Vivaldi team adds features not even in Opera 12.17 yet perhaps they should add the most requested features if it is not too difficult: e.g. image context menu, customise toolbars, edit menus, warnings on exit if a download is running, resizing of tiled tabs, MIME type support, a bookmark menu (how hard is that?), disable animated images, etc.

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