Google Play Music ist not playing any playlist

  • I have a "Google Play Music All Access" account and I can search for Music in Vivaldi, but when I try to hear some music nothing works! Has anyone else this problems? Try playlists here: Thanks in advance, Tom

  • I have the same issue. If I select a "radio station" in Google Play, the album covers show but no sound is produced. The 'play' button flashes back and forth between play and pause several times, then the next track starts. Each track attempts to play for 5-10 seconds, then goes on to the next one. No sound is produced during any of this.

    Edited to add: 1.1.453.59 (Stable channel) (64-bit), Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit

  • Found Gwen-Dragon's advice in another thread to install the libffmpeg using the script at

    For me this solved the issue. Miles and Coltrane are coming through loud and clear on Google Play.

  • Seems like the most common problem people have is video and/or audio not playing. The solution is almost always to install the necessary FFmpeg codecs. Many of the most used Linux distros don't include them by default because of intellectual property issues. A sticky thread about this would help.

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