Bugs: when using full screen with youtube video reload all over again, and a weird crashing bug

  • so whenever i use youtube, the video starts loading, and when i'm using full screen it starts loading all over again, my internet is a bit slow so making it loading it from the start all over again is annoying (it doesn't happen in chrome, but i really prefer vivaldi so please fix it!) the second thing is a problem with "dragging photos" when i'm on a website with photos (like Facebook, 9gag), something i accidentally click on a photo a drag it, and when i let go vivaldi is closing down and after like a second re-opens with the same windows. although it re-opens, it's really annoying because the pages are refreshed and now i have to scroll down to where i was... it doesn't happen every time but it happens to me at least 3 times a day (i use vivaldi a lot) i love this browser! amazing features and abilities! please fix the bugs so it can be smooth like it should! -Eyal

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    With Vivaldi 1.1 Final 32bit on Windows 10x64 i an drag a picture, no crash or reopening of window.
    Youtube videos can be switched to Fullscreen (in video) or with F11 without new loading into player buffer.

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    Accidental drag used to reliably crash the browser every time. Perhaps OP is using an older version.

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    Yes i remember having this with a old Vivaldi, but this is was very long ago.

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