How do I force a CSS reload on refresh?

  • I'm working on web site design, yet rarely use the Dev Tools panel. After doing CSS work and uploading changes, how can I do a refresh on the page so that all the files of the page are reloaded? On other browsers using F5 or Ctrl-R does this, some ever do it on simply hitting their 'reload icon' at the top of the browser. I have tried all the above, yet nothing reloads CSS in Vivaldi.

  • Based on my own testing vivaldi works perfectly in this regard. On a wordpress host with caching disabled vivaldi always reads the CSS from either the style.css or from the database. and on a mirror with caching enabled it always appears to read from the host cache... unless it's purged at the host.

  • I'm having the same issue in Vivaldi 1.6 on Ubuntu, and I'm sure I didn't have it in 1.4

    It also works fine on Firefox and even Chrome, so I don't know what weird things is going on in Vivaldi here.

  • Ctrl + F5 ?

  • Ctrl + F5 works, thanks. 🙂

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