How to take a screenshot?

  • When I search Help for screenshots, it shows me Notes. But nowhere in Notes can I see how to take a screenshot.

  • Just create a new note, then push the big plus button to add an attachment or a screenshot

  • Hi,

    when you create new note, you can add screenshot by plus icon on the bottom left side of panel. After hover over it there are 2 options: Add new screenshot and Attach new file.

    But personally I use extension FireShot. Other extension, that doesn't work yet in Vivaldi is Full Page Screen Capture.

  • Little did I realize how useful the SS feature of V is until I bought a cheap BT Kybd which had no SS button. So the other day I chanced on this thread via google which gives me this 2-yr old thread and I ended up with some frustrating time with these incorrect/misleading posts and then I gave up, saving this research for a rainy day. Today I went to Help and searched again and found the video which in a few seconds pointed me to the tiny camera at the bottom right and voila ! So the reason I am posting this here is - I know most forums still have their archives searched, and for good reason, but when most of us users/consumers chance upon a thread that seems like a solution, we follow each post to see if it will work. Now when NONE of them work, we need a way to mark a thread as obsolete or alert mods that this thread needs to be removed/posts need to be deleted so it does not get fed to search bots so more people dont have the same bad experience ?? I will follow up with down-voting the above two posts and hopefully it will be yanked from the SEs.

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    @rojaviv Both of the posts are correct, so downvoting them is an abuse of the reputation system.

    I suggest using it only for minor infringements of good forum etiquette. For anything more serious, flag the post for the attention of a moderator by using the three dots icon at the bottom right of the offensive or spam post.

    You seem to be confused about the difference between taking a screen shot of the page, and adding a screen shot of the note.

    • The Camera icon on the Status Bar is for saving a page or a selection to an image file.
    • The Camera icon on the Notes Panel is for adding a screen shot of the page to the note. There is no option to select an area for the note screen shot

  • @pesala bad...yes, I WAS confused. thanks for clarifying. An area for the note ss as in Snipping Tool would have been nifty though.

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    @rojaviv You have Chat disabled. If you want, I can clean up this thread and let it sink back out of sight.

    The Snapshot features must have changed in two years.


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