Bug: Extremely buggy behaviour if you close all tabs

  • (Vivaldi latest snapshot, Windows 10 64 bit) If you have several tabs open and close all of them with Ctrl+W, one of two things can happen: 1. The entire Vivaldi window closes. 2. You are left with a blank shadow tab, which does not show up on the tab bar. Later, if you open some tabs, the shadow tab still exists in the background. So, if you Ctrl+Tab after the last tab, you end up on the shadow tab (or tabs, can have more than one open). These shadow tabs cannot be closed. If you exit Vivaldi and reopen it, the shadow tabs turn into normal speed-dial tabs.

  • Moderator

    I can confirm this.
    Hitting Ctrl W fast results sometimes in blank SpeedDial, and often Vivaldi closes.

    Yes, we got the bugreport and look into this behavior just now.


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