Does your vivaldi crash when you do this?

  • This is a bug I think that I reported but because it hasn't been fixed I'm thinking maybe my browser is just broken. Anyways, try this: place your mouse cursor on the edge between the address bar and tabs so the mouse icon changes to up/down arrows like in the image I've attached: [attachment=3618]vivaldibug.png[/attachment] Now press and hold middle mouse (or right side mouse button) button. While holding the button drag your mouse away. Vivaldi goes unresponsive and need close vivaldi from windows task manager and then restart it again. Does it happen to you too? Attachments: [img][/img]

  • No, that doesn't happen for me. When I press and hold either the mouse wheel or right button (I don't have a three-button mouse) and drag, the tab bar grows vertically to expose thumbnail previews. I assume that is WAD?

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    Cant confirm with 1.1 Final + 1.2 Snapshot 32bit on Windows 10x64.

  • Hi,

    I was able to reproduce problem only on latest stable release on Windows 7 x64. Developer release works just fine.

    Stable version is slow, but I was able to close it. As I check while it was slow, main background processes of Vivaldi (Background page: Vivaldi, App: Vivaldi, Extension: Start Page) used about 25% of CPU. Then it changed to 0%. But after any action like change tab, … it moved again back to 25%. So after this combo there's need to restart Vivaldi to make it work again OK, because every action is slow until then.

    | Vivaldi - Developer | 1.2.479.8 (Developer Build) (64-bit) | OK |
    | Vivaldi - Stable | 1.1.453.59 (Stable channel) (64-bit) | Problem |

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    Ah yes, i can confirm on Windwos 10x64 for 1.1 Final 64bit, it gets unresponsive.
    But as this does not happen in 1.2 Snapshot x64 a bug report is not very useful. Because some Snapshot will be next Final.

    Is bug VB-17818 "Dragging separator between tabbar and address field freezes browser"

  • Forgot to add my vivaldi version: 1.1.453.59 32-bit
    Maybe I should switch to 64bit?

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    I think the "bad drag" while browsing can be avoided.
    If you need it, then the Latest Snapshot 1.2 (see ) does not have the issue. Use it.
    Or wait until next Final has a fix.


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