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  • I did a search and found individual topics but not a section. One request I have is when I attempt to bookmark a page, I would really love to have the bookmark categories I have listed in Alphabetical or other type of order, so I can easily organize them. [attachment=3614]2016-05-19(1).png[/attachment]. Since the browser UI is some level of JavaScript that is over my head, this would seem to be possible. Thanks. Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/79564/2016-05-19(1).png[/img]

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    The latest snapshot has the bookmark folders in hierarchical order and in alphabetical order, in a tree view.


  • I am running the Snapshot on my Ubuntu VM since I have a policy about only running stable versions of my main system. Any word on 1.2 becoming stable? Thanks.

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    "Snapshot" and "stable" is more of a semantic difference than a meaningful one. The development is so fast, each snapshot tends to be better in significant ways than the prior one, or than any prior Stable. I have found all of them but one completely safe to run. (This is not universally true, since some regressions crop up from time to time - but for every release since the beginning, save that one, the snapshots have been my default browser.)

    That said, Until you see a snapshot on the Blog touted as an "RC," none of us ever have a clue what the timeline is before a new version will be considered "stable." Once it's RC, it's probably a couple of weeks from Stable.

  • This capture is a Fn+Print Scr from my Windows 10 box of the same Ubuntu 16.04 VM detailed earlier. I am running the Snapshot 1.2.485.14 .


    Even though I figured out how to line up my bookmarks in order (both versions), I still have this in the snapshot.

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    This does not clearly illustrate your problem. For folder order in bookmarks, are you using "Sort by title?" In other words, is the order you are seeing in the dropdown different from the one in your panel? Mine is the same. Of course, I use "Sort Manually," but my manual sorting respects alphabetical order. The order on my bookmark bar, in my bookmark panel, and in the bookmark dropdown for the "add bookmark" dialog is all the same.

  • When I add a new bookmark the cream shop doesn't put the categories in order. Because I am on my Ubuntu VM, there is not as many categories as my stable version on Windows 10. Since I many more choices there, it would be nice to have those choices in alphabetical or some other ordered order.

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    OK. but are they ordered in the other places where they appear in the Vivaldi interface? Have you selected a specific order for them? (by that, I mean, the Vivaldi UI has a selection of ways in which you are allowed to instruct the UI to order your bookmarks - have you selected one of these, and is it respected elsewhere in the UI?)

  • They are ordered alphabetically in the bookmarks bar.



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    Got it. I can't replicate your problem. Please report it at https://vivaldi.com/bugreport.html

  • Can I send them a link to this thread, so I won't have to re-invent the wheel as they say?
    BTW, this is happening on both the 1.1 stable branch on Windows 10 and the 1.2.485.14 snapshot branch on Ubuntu 16.04.

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    I suppose so. Just fill in all of the blanks on the web page form meaningfully, (short phrases if you wish) PLUS link to the thread.

  • Done, hope to hear from them soon or at least a bug report #, sort of like Bugzilla in Mozilla Firefox. BTW, now I use Vivaldi a lot and adjust my other browsers bookmarks to it, since there is not a clean way to synchronize bookmarks in Vivaldi, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge all of which I use. Opera is not on my current system, this is the natural extension of it anyway.

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    If you entered an email address, you should already have a bug report number.

  • New bug just submitted a few minutes ago. Now I can't open Vivaldi at all. Restoring Windows back to last Monday. VB-17885 is the bug number.


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