Webex Chrome Extension

  • The good news is that the Chrome Webex Extension appears to install just fine, but whenever I attempt to use Webex I'm asked to install the extension again. Not being able to launch Webex from Vivaldi is the #1 reason stopping me from having Vivaldi as my default browser on my Mac. Any ideas on how to get it working?

  • In case it helps the developers, in Windows 10 x64 I regularly use Vivalid with the WebEx extension to launch/join meetings, and it works fine. Perhaps it is something unique to the Mac version of the WebEx extension and/or Vivaldi's implementation differences between OSs?

  • I have this problem on my Mac as well. Just installed the browser a couple of days ago and I can't actually get into a Webex session.

  • Any news about the Webex extension. It installs just fine on my Mac but I am prompted to install each time I want to connect to a Webex session.

    Would be nice to see this working as we use this one a lot. Thanks.

  • Agree with previous posters on this thread as well as other threads regarding Webex use on Vivaldi. This is the only reason I still use another browser (Safari).


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