Couple of notes / questions from an ex-Chrome user

  • Hey, I've been using Vivaldi at my home desktop for about 2 months now. Overall, it's great and I don't regret switching over from Chrome to it. I just have a couple of questions, for anyone knowing about them - Of course, I did try to search about these topics but the only references I found related to old (pre-stable) versions, so... Here goes: [ol] [li]Is there a way to stop having any bookmarks displayed when I try to go to a site from the address bar? Right now, when I start typing I see a list of "bookmarks" which are suggested first, quite large at that - and then suggestions come from history. I would like to only see suggestions from history, and no bookmark ones if possible. I have tried toggling the 'Prefer bookmarks' option' in Settings--->Autocomplete but it seems to do nothing basically.[/li] [li]Also, is there a way to be able to reopen several closed / recent tabs? I've seen that an option exists to reopen just the last closed tab, but it would be neat if several of the last closed tabs appeared in a menu or something? [/li] [/ol] Basically, the way I use browsers, if these two small nuisances were corrected, I'd be a happy camper for life, pretty much. Thanks 🙂

  • 1.- Go to settings - address bar, and you have here the option to change what is suggested first, the bookmarks or the history.

    2.- Click in the trash bin in the upper right corner.

    1. Trash icon! Ugh, I never thought it was for that purpose! Many thanks

    2. I have enabled autocomplete, and NOT ticked 'Always prefer bookmarks' , but it seems to make no difference. Am I missing something or is this a bug?


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