After Snapshot 1.2

  • Hi guys. Just wanted to share my experience after installing latest snapshot: After Installing the latest snpashot I found this issues which weren't on the 1.1v: -Vivald Freezes for no reason with random sites and the only way to shut it down is with task manager. Some times it gets stucked so much that I can see that uses lots of memory so it makes difficult even to open task manager and finish the process -Flash plugin is not working well. Some sites can't run some functionalities and a "couldn't load complement" message appears (this didn't happen on 1.1v). I have been forced to work on Google Chrome instead (my company uses some web apps as Powtoons or similar ones that are not posible to use with this instalation) -Bookmarks button is not working, at least not for me. Whenever I try to add a new bookmark by pressing corresponding button nothing happens. When I press the combinations of keys for open bookmarks (Ctrl+B ), the bookmark page opens but no option for adding the new one is shown (as you can do with FF pressing Ctrl+D which auto add bookmark allowing you to chose between all the folders you have created, or create new one) Thanks for you atention, and keep the nice work! 😛


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