Bug? Settings > Startup > Starup With settings not sticking

  • Refering to [b]vivaldi://settings/startup/[/b] I once selected the option to load a specific page at startup but now I want to change the setting back to [b]Last Session[/b]. Choosing this setting does not stick and no matter what I have tried so far, it will always open with the same page, and in fact is not the page that I had originally tried to set. Quite a mystery. How can this setting be modified to allow [b]Last Session[/b]? BTW, none of the other settings stick, either. Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/81241/Vivaldi_screenshot_settings-startup.png[/img]

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    Still using Vivaldi on XP?

    Please update to 1.1.443 or something close to that, so we can advise you on a function and feature-set that is more like Vivaldi.

  • I'm using the developer build 1.2.479.8 right now.

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    In that case, please explain what system you are on, exactly what you do, and exactly what happens when you do it, because settings are WORKING on this version. Some trouble-shooting may be in order.

  • Dell Precision m4800 / 32GB RAM
    Windows 10 Professional - not domain joined
    Primary user account is not a local admin
    Vivaldi 1.2.479.8 - 32 bit

    Steps taken that illustrate the issue I see.

    1. Begin by opening the settings page, which I have set to open in a new tab, land on vivaldi://settings/startup/ section
    2. The Startup with setting is already configured to Specific Pages with a defined value being http://www.bing.com/?pc=U343.
    3. Change the Starup with to any other setting, such as choosing the Last session option.
    4. Either close the tab, or even simply select any of the other sections under vivaldi://settings/ and then return back to the Startup with section, the value remains unchanged from line #2 above.

    I have tried to alter the value of the specific pages being loaded, remove the setting, and change to the other values, but they don't "stick".

    Is there a text/config file that this is set within that I could manually alter?

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    Not that I'm aware of. The indication is that your profile "Default" folder contains a corrupted file or files. Do you know how to clean it?

  • Unfortunately I do not know how to clean out a corrupted file. I would appreciate knowing how, maybe will benefit others as well.

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    Open Vivaldi and go to menu/help/about and read the "Profile Path." That tells you where your profile is.

    copy it down somewhere so that you can follow it, if you need to.

    Make sure Vivaldi is closed.

    If your system is not set to show you hidden files, set it do do so, in the Control Panel, under File Explorer Options.

    Go to the "Default" file location you learned from the Help/about tab, and rename the "Default" file.

    Re-open Vivaldi, and it will create a new, clean, Default file. Check to make sure your options are working. If so, move your Bookmarks, etc. from the old/renamed Default file to the new one, replacing the fresh ones Vivaldi made, and you're off.

    Be careful re-installing any extensions, checking for full functionality after each one you installed, because it could be an extension that broke your profile in the first place.

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    The procedure is quite elaborate and not user-friendly, but I have seen it mentioned quite frequently as a remedy for various problems. For Serif Applications, we also often recommend Resetting User Settings as it's often quicker than trouble-shooting exactly what the problem is. If the application in question will not launch at all, it may be the only solution. Reinstalling is not enough.

    I just submitted a feature request for Vivaldi to do the same when launching it from its shortcut while holding down the Ctrl or Shift Key (Windows 10). It would make Vivaldi easier to support.

    (VB-17763) Feature Request: Add Option to Clean User Settings

    The dialogue below is what I see if I launch a Serif Application such as DrawPlus, while holding down the Ctrl Key (using Windows 7).


  • I figured it out. There was corruption in the Secure Preferences file in the default profile. I was able to determine with certainty that this was the source of the problem, took a peak at it, found a section that had the suspect URL, did a bulk copy/replace with the correct URL that I may have wanted, replaced the file and everything is back to how it should have been.

    I suspect that having a ? query string in the URL specified three times in the Secure Preferences file may have been the root cause.


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